Responsible Beverage Service Training (RBST)

Training for managers and employees in the beverage service industry


Responsible Beverage Service Training (RBST) is provided by LiveWise staff at varying costs to Omaha and surrounding area businesses with liquor licenses. (Some area restrictions apply due to funding guidelines). Contact us for additional information.



  • Many insurance companies offer discounts on coverage if establishments train all employees in RBST.
  • Penalties for businesses who violate liquor license laws may be much less if the establishment can show training was provided to all employees.
  • RBST allows your employees to explore real world situations which will increase their awareness, not just as to customers, but to their own behaviors surrounding alcohol as well. This could result in decreased staff turn over and fewer sick days.


What is Responsible Beverage Service Training (RBST)?

RBST is an educational program that trains owners, managers, and servers/sellers of alcohol in how to avoid illegally selling alcohol to underage or intoxicated persons. It covers essential information including alcohol laws and responsibilities, evaluating intoxication levels, dealing with difficult situations, and checking identification.

RBST is developed with input from experts in a variety of fields and includes the latest studies and science-based information.


How does RBST prevent underage drinking and alcohol abuse?

Accessing alcohol is not difficult, even for those below the drinking age. Alcohol outlets are plentiful and fake ID’s are common. Research shows that when access and availability in a community is decreased, the number of alcohol-related problems are decreased as well. A key environmental strategy to reduce alcohol abuse in a community is limiting access to the availability of the substance, not just for those who are underage, but the entire community.


Why is RBST important for my business?

As a business owner, we recognize that it is imperative that you protect both the investments you’ve made in your business and the employees who make your business work. Additionally, as a business that is licensed to sell alcohol in the state of Nebraska, you have a duty to make sure that your patrons are safe while they’re in your establishment and as they leave.

The challenges surrounding responsible beverage service have increased dramatically, from rising alcohol liability premiums to more sophisticated fake ID’s. All staff members in your establishment must understand their liability and legal responsibility regarding responsible alcohol service. If individuals do not act in accordance with the laws, it could result in fines, imprisonment, loss of liquor license, and/or closing of the establishment.


Training Options

ServSafe Alcohol Training
One of the leading RBS trainings nationwide.
Hands on Training with LiveWise Coalition.

We provide the instructor, training materials, proctor, and exams for the 2.5 hour training. This training can be completed at your establishment or at our office in Papillion.


Online - $35

For more information on this training go to:


For a comprehensive listing of approved Responsible Beverage Service Trainings, visit the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.


After the training

LiveWise also offers technical assistance and guidance for implementing Responsible Beverage Service Training policies in your establishment. We can provide sample policy language and structure for implementing RBST.


Our Goals

Improve public health and safety

Establish a higher professional standard for hospitality service

Improve the business viability of responsible establishments

Support quality of life in the neighboring community


What do you have to lose?

Protect your establishment and staff by participating in Responsible Beverage Service Training

Contact us for additional information.