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Preventing substance abuse. Improving lives.

The LiveWise Coalition provides a gathering place for partners to create and implement strategies and activities for alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention within the community.


Meetings are a great way to meet prevention professionals and agency staff in the Omaha area, learn what LiveWise partners are doing in the community, and get involved.

Each LiveWise Regional Coalition meeting dedicates time to committee work. These committees are focused on a specific area of prevention and coalition work. Anyone attending meetings is welcome to sit in on these committees as well.

To attend our next meeting, see our calendar.



Drug Trends

The Drug Trends Committee's focus is keeping LiveWise members updated on new/trending drug and alcohol issues, as well as promoting awareness to the community about these threats.  Further, the group identifies action steps to address rising concerns in the community.  Action steps might include: facilitating and leading prescription drug take-back events in Omaha and surrounding areas and/or various other community activities, including town halls, discussions, and youth leadership events.

Community Relations
The Community Relations Committee is comprised of representatives from a variety of local nonprofits and businesses, as well as individual members. Its purpose is to promote the LiveWise brand in Omaha and the surrounding areas. The Community Relations committee is the public face of the coalition, attending health fairs and community events, welcoming new members, recruiting volunteers, placing paid media, and addressing media on drug prevention in the Omaha Metro.

The Fundraising Committee is comprised of representatives from the coalition who are interested in or have input about helping develop the financial sustainability of LiveWise.  The committee helps identify fundraising projects and small grant or foundation monies that are available to help support the efforts of LiveWise in areas prohibited by current funding, for example, identifying non-restrictive funding for branding materials and incentive pieces.


Meeting Minutes

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For meeting minutes older than 2011, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..