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 "Hispanic adult drinkers were more likely than White drinkers to report alcohol dependence symptoms and social problems from drinking." drunkard 40577 1280
 liver 2934612 1920 "Hispanics have greater risk for developing liver disease compared with Whites ... and death rates attributed to alcohol-related cirrhosis across populations of Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics are highest for White Hispanic men."




 Nearly half of fatally injured Hispanic drivers have a blood alcohol concentration above the legal limit.
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 Over 80% of fatally injured Hispanic drivers are male.

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There are five times more alcohol advertisements in Latino neighborhoods than in predominantly White neighborhoods. Katherine Culliton believes the claim that Cinco de Mayo "as currently celebrated is a marketing concept created in large part by alcohol companies" could serve as an effective legal basis for state restriction of the alcohol advertisements that are especially prevalent in the days leading up to Cinco de Mayo. In "The Impact of Alcohol and Tobacco Advertising on the Latino Community as a Civil Rights Issue," Culliton explains:

According to Bill Gallegos, "Major brewers, led by Philip Morris, Coors, and Anheuser-Busch, developed a sophisticated marketing strategy to target Latinos. Their strategy included heavy promotional investment in Cinco de Mayo... Mexican breweries soon joined in the competition for the lucrative Cinco de Mayo market with profitable results. Corona more than doubled its U.S. beer sales between 1990 and 1995. Corporate marketing strategy linked investment in Cinco de Mayo festivities, massive point-of-sale promotions ..., and continual ads on Spanish language radio and TV. In addition, Cinco de Mayo alcohol ad campaigns have trivialized and demeaned Mexican culture, denigrated women by including sexist images, and pitched over-consumption. A California-based Latino advocacy group, Our Culture Is Not For Sale, was founded to confront the exploitation of Latino culture by beer manufacturers. Their organizing and advocacy efforts promote healthier celebrations that are more respectful of Latino culture and communities. The group has been especially successful with Cinco de Mayo activities held in state and city parks.

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The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander explores the deeply-rooted racism in our criminal justice system. Though African Americans are incarcerated for drug offenses at a higher rate than Hispanics, Hispanics are still incarcerated for drug offenses at a higher rate than whites. Alexander explains that while all races and ethnicities use drugs at the same rate, African Americans and Hispanics are disproportionately punished for drug-related offenses. Hispanics who have been incarcerated have even worse health outcomes than those who have not and "incarcerated populations have among the highest lifetime prevalence of SUDs [substance use disorders]ncarcerated populations have among the highest lifetime prevalence of SUDs [substance use disorders]."


Hispanic teens have higher rates of drug use and a higher chance of being offered drugs

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Teens who have been offered drugs