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 "Black and Hispanic adult drinkers were more likely than White drinkers to report alcohol dependence symptoms and social problems from drinking at the no/low level of heavy drinking." drunkard 40577 1280
 alcohol 1031713 1280alcohol 1031713 1280  "Black men had drink sizes with larger average alcohol content compared with other groups, which partially could explain the higher risks for alcohol-related harms."




 African Americans are more likely to get diabetes and more than twice as likely to die from diabetes as whites. While it's unclear alcohol causes diabetes and some evidence suggests moderate drinking can lower blood glucose levels, we also know African Americans are more likely to either abstain entirely from alcohol or drink heavily than whites, suggesting fewer of them drink in moderation.


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The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander explores the deeply-rooted racism in our criminal justice system. She explains that while African Americans use drugs at the same rate as other populations, they are disproportionately punished for drug-related offenses. In fact, some studies suggest African Americans use drugs at lower rates than Hispanics and whites. African Americans who have been incarcerated have even worse health outcomes than those who have not and "incarcerated populations have among the highest lifetime prevalence of SUDs [substance use disorder]."


Though many consider opioid use to be a white problem, African American opioid use caught up to that of whites in 2015. The CDC reports “overdose rates for all drugs have increased among black Americans since 2011. In particular, overdose rates for heroin, fentanyl, and other synthetic opioids have risen dramatically for black Americans.”


African Americans are disproportionately affected by HIV. One reason why is intravenous drug use.

African Americans and drugs

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